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Garskin skin product is a decorative thin vinyl film that protective your devices from water, scratches and other external elements.
Our Garskin skin product has been pre-cut to fit the exact size of the device. With a bubble-free and re-positionable adhesive layer on
the underside of the skin, it easy to apply and sticks perfectly onto the devices by anyone.
The characteristics of Garskin skin product are as follows:

  •  Ease of Application; re-positionable, removable, bubble-free
  •  No residue or entrapped air
  •  Temperature range from -45 to + 90 degree Celsius without deformation
  •  RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC compliance for materials and ink

With your Store Value Card on hand, simply follow the steps to redeem the Garskin skin of your choice.


step 1
Select your device
Texture Skin
iPod Touch
iPod Nano
DS lite
PS 3
Xbox 360
Design your own
How To Skin Your Garskin?
Our Garskin skins are bubble-free and re-positionable for ease of application. Every Garskin skin comes with a easy-to-follow 3 steps User Guide. You may also visit Garskin skin Installation to view a short demonstration video.
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  • Capital Land
  • Game Axis
  • HardWare Magazine
  • My Paper
  • Urban NewMan
  • Stuff Magazine
  • Lime Magazine
  • Simple Her Magazine


You can purchase Garskin pincards at all Harvey Norman Store in Singapore.

Garskin will take 7 to 14 working days to deliver your Garskin skin to your doorsteps after you have made your redemption using Garskin Store Value Card.

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